Work Trade in Hawaii: How We Afford Life on Maui – The Detourist Guide To Travel – Maui | Ep. 6

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On this episode, we show you how we afford to life on maui. Follow along as Alex builds an entire deck project from start to finish, which will allow us to live on Maui for free for the ext few months! Make sure to subscribe to continue following our Maui travel as we spend the next several months experiencing what it’s like to live, work and explore one of the most beautiful places in all of America on our Maui travel vlog.

The Detourist Guide To Travel is a long term travel show created by Alex & Laura, a Pacific Northwest based YouTube travel couple. We’re into experiencing what it’s really like to live, work and enjoy a destination like the locals do, not the tourists who visit. So, for the past several years we’ve left our home in the Northwest (Tacoma, WA) and lived somewhere new in the world from Vietnam all the way to Spain. What makes us different than the other 100 billion travel vloggers, digital nomads and backpackers on Youtube? We avoid the tourist track. No hostels or resorts. No tour guides or guide books. No souvenirs or travel clothes. We buy vehicles & groceries. We get apartments & jobs. We go slow & take our time, because if a place is worth going, it’s worth staying for a while.

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  1. Work trade is a mainland fantasy. Stop coming to Hawaii with this illusion that you are so wonderful, we can’t live without you. There are plane loads of people coming here thinking life is like what you see in the postcards. Life is tough here and very expensive and everyone in general is tired of freeloaders coming here to live the life of a homeless beachbum. Stay home if that is what you think Hawaii is all about. Land and housing are very expensive and I don’t know anyone who isn’t worried about making their mortgage every month and the long list of foreclosures because of people that can’t or won’t pay rent as this Covid-19 recession deepens! Stay home or come with tons of money!

  2. Missed maui with you videos brother. Been there last year to visit my parents who migrated from philippines. It was 1 hell of experience and hope to live there for good someday. Its a paradise on earth but the problem is too expensive to live. Went there as a tourist and to fund all my adventures. I went partime doing landscaping and a mover during

  3. Looking for a serious job in Maui, landscaping, work for roof, preferably in Haiku but anywhere would be awesome. carpentry/landscaping/office
    ill be in debt to you FOREVER

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