Workaway in Hawaii: A Realistic Day in My Life

This is from about a month ago but it still is a pretty realistic representation of my daily life doing a work trade on the Big Island. I’m currently volunteering at a meditation & ecological center that is completely off the grid, intentional, and community living. I’ve been here for about 1.5 months and am hoping to stay for a month or so longer. I have learned so much thus far and am enjoying every second of my life here in Hawaii.

In this video, I take you along a typical work day and talk more about what this work trade involves and what it’s like living in a community.

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Sending you so so much love!


  1. So I am really happy I found you because this is exactly how I am feeling so I’m about to go do work away and learn about off grid living 😍 I would also love to vlog about it to spread awareness!

  2. I can't imagine a breakfast without cheese, olives, boiled egg , dome kind of jam , honey and of course tea. So Did you eat only fruit in the breakfasts?

  3. What books are you reading? What are some books your recommend and what's your goal for how many book you'd like to read this year?

  4. i dont know if this is appropriate to ask but, i would love this particular workaway is there a link you can direct me to?

  5. I love these videos! Quick question though, I'm looking into doing something like this for a few months during my gap year (I'll be 18), though is there an age limit?

  6. really informative! i'm waiting until i get my bachelor's then i plan on doing workaway after graduation, specifically education work. have you ever had a paid position doing workaway?

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